After an introduction to the letter, we jump right into Prayer, Thankfulness, Works of Faith and…Election! And, you can’t talk about Election without going into Predestination. It all makes for quite an opening lesson.

The Gospel came to the Thessalonians in “Word and Power and the Holy Spirit.” What all does that mean? It resulted in “full conviction.” Again, what does that tell us? Other topics discussed:


  • Paul’s willingness to hold himself up as an example and what that teaches us.

  • Paul’s selfless and focused zeal in preaching the Word

The news about the readiness with which Thessalonians had received the Gospel had spread throughout the world. In spite of affliction they had turned to the living and true God held fast in faith. Now they waited for the God who would save them from the wrath to come at the end of all things.

Paul did not seek to please or appease men. He proclaimed the Gospel. That was his calling and his mission. He made every effort to do that in a way that kept the focus on the message of salvation and not on him. He was willing to work night and day so as not to be a burden on anyone. Much to his delight, the Thessalonians imitated not on him but also the churches in Judea.

We are on a Heavenly Trajectory. That is where our path – this walk of faith – leads. Paul is always mindful of that and it comes through in this heartfelt letter to the Thessalonians. We discuss this as well as…


  • This letter was written to real people with real lives

  • Paul’s concern for the believers he had left behind

  • There was trouble while Paul was there and he was certain it wouldn’t have gone away 

  • Paul’s eschatological trajectory: it was always about heaven

And More!

The Christians in Thessalonica were confused about Jesus’ Second Coming. How would that effect those who how had already passed? Were they to be left out? Paul comforts them, and us, with the proper understanding of Jesus Return and the Resurrection of the Dead.

We discuss this as well as…


  • How to live godly lives while surrounded by sexual perversion

  • Sexual immorality and its temptations are nothing new

  • The definition of perversion

  • A strong faith and walk pushes temptation away 

And more!

As Paul winds down his letter, he continues the theme of the Last Days. His discussion of “times and seasons” reminds us of Jesus talking about the lesson from the fig tree. The main thing? We must remain vigilant and alert. We discuss this as well as…


  • What did “Peace and Security” signify to the Thessalonians?

  • How can we possibly be surprised and the end of the age?

  • How do we “belong to the day” and what are the practical implications of that reality?

And More!

Paul wraps up 1 Thessalonians but, this is not your typical “wind down.” Rather, it is a doctrinal “data dump” about how we as believers walk out our faith.

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