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We need this reminder every day, especially as the days grow darker and the end closer! Speaking of “the end,” Paul warns against idleness as we wait for the day. Rather than being idle, Paul invites the Thessalonians to follow the example he set for them.

How do we live our faith in these latter days? What priorities should we set? How can we be confident? How do the both the love God has for us and steadfastness of Christ serve to answer all these questions? Let’s jump in and find out!

To what degree does the thinking of this world shape your thinking? How does it mold your perspective on your existence? Your Purpose? Your reason for being? Who is the prince of this world? Who sets its objectives, values guidelines? Am I living as a Christian in an unchristian world or, am I trying to balance two opposite belief system in a nonstop juggling act? Is that why I feel worn out, bedraggled and ineffective? In the face of all this, I need to Stand Firm!

The Man of Lawlessness. The Beast from the Earth (2nd Beast). The Antichrist. The False Prophet. Are these different titles for, or pictures of the same person/entity? How does the appearance of the “Man of Lawlessness” relate to the end times and Jesus’ Second Coming? What is holding him back? Who has control of the timing for all this?

It Is Evidence Of Your Faith. That is what Paul says about the afflictions and persecutions you suffer because of your faith. If that is the truth – and it is – then you and I need to recalibrate our understanding and perception of those afflictions and persecutions! We discuss that and so much more!

Steadfastness and Faith. Paul praises the Thessalonians because they had it. Steadfastness and Faith. What does that look like when we live it in our lives today? How does it apply to the End Times that seem to be rapidly descending upon us?

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