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Daniel is old. We witness in Chapter 12 his retirement ceremony! Still, even with all the other information the Lord Jesus shares with him, Daniel wants to know the same thing you and I want to know: When. When will he return and all this end?

The Lord’s of Darkness always have warred against God’s People. They always will. As we look at the very specific prophecy of Daniel 11, the prophecy that tells of the Antichrist is the Old Testament: Antiochus Epiphanes, we learn about the perspective and wisdom that come only from the Lord. That perspective and wisdom are what we need to apply to our struggle against the lords of darkness who still seek to work their will today. 

A Mighty Angel appears to Daniel. Who is this “angel?” It is hard not to understand this “Angel” as being Jesus Himself. If that is not impressive enough, We also get a “behind the curtain” look at spiritual warfare in the heavenly realm. This is all introduction to the most specific prophecy of the entire Old Testament.

The interpretation of “The Seventy Weeks” is wildly varying and, as such, polarizing. As we examine the text we begin with important principles about how we interpret apocalyptic passages in the Bible. Applying those principles takes us right to Jesus!

Why does God allow evil to afflict us? How does God use evil to afflict us? What does that say about his love for us? Does he love us? These are questions can haunt us. At times the affliction we suffer from the evil in this world demands that we have an answer to these questions. As we discuss Daniel praying for his people, the people of Israel, we will find all the answers we need.

Daniel has a vision in which he sees things in both the not too distant future and the distant future. Among many lessons taught here, perhaps the most important is this. At times we are inclined to think that we want to know the future. This lesson from Daniel tells us, “No. You do not want to know the future.” What we need to do is pray that we are ready for whatever the future holds.

Gabriel provides Daniel the interpretation of the Vision of the Four Beasts. Daniel’s reaction is exhaustion. It literally wore him out! The Great and Terrible Beast that was different than all the rest was most troubling. IF we live in the time of this beast – And We Do! – What thought should we give to our preparation for what is to come?

Why are the empires of the world pictured as “Beasts?” What does that tell us about how they operate and whom they serve? Most importantly, to whom will they give answer? We address these questions as well as the new Beast statue at the United Nations.

It is a Sunday School Story. That is the way we think of the account of Daniel being thrown into the Den of Lions. But IF we take a closer look at the text, the setting, and the players, we will see things that are at play today. I may not be thrown into a Den of Lions but the dark lords still come after me, just as they did Daniel. So, let’s De-Sundayschoolify this text and learn all there is to learn!

Belshazzar desecrated the vessels of the Temple of the Lord. The result was judgement written by the hand of God Almighty himself. Belshazzar would fall ant he kingdom would pass to the Medes and the Persians.

Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the great tree is an opportunity for him to humble himself before the Lord of heaven. That is the warning Daniel gives and that is the warning Nebuchadnezzar ignores.

Nebuchadnezzar has a dream in which “the Watchers” play a prominent role. Who are “the Watchers?” Whose side are they on? What are they about? For whom do they work? There are so many questions and, we will provide answers!

They Stood Tall in the fires of hell (at least as hot as…). What do you think you might learn from these young pillars of faithfulness? What from their experience does not apply to our lives today? So much to learn…

He held the brass ring! All he had to do was reveal Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and claim the power to do so as his own. Daniel had the opportunity to lay hold of power and glory beyond his wildest desires. Daniel cared not. His desire was to glorify his God and that is exactly what he did. Humility. Selflessness. Service. Faithfulness. Fearlessness. Through faith, Daniel possessed all these. May we do likewise!

Megalomaniacal Tyranny. That is what confronted Daniel and his companions. Nebuchadnezzar answered to no one. He was going to tear all the wise men in Babylon to pieces because they could not tell him his dream. Daniel’s response, cool, calm and courageous, serves as the gold standard for faithful behavior in the face of tyranny.

Daniel and his companions were young men, barely more than teenagers, yet they stood tall and left a lasting witness of faithfulness for all the world and all time. This isn’t Sunday School and these are not Sunday School stories. These are men of faith, paragons of wisdom and courage in the face of tyranny. Oh, the things we can learn from them as we navigate these dark and wicked days!

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