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He held the brass ring! All he had to do was reveal Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and claim the power to do so as his own. Daniel had the opportunity to lay hold of power and glory beyond his wildest desires. Daniel cared not. His desire was to glorify his God and that is exactly what he did. Humility. Selflessness. Service. Faithfulness. Fearlessness. Through faith, Daniel possessed all these. May we do likewise!

Megalomaniacal Tyranny. That is what confronted Daniel and his companions. Nebuchadnezzar answered to no one. He was going to tear all the wise men in Babylon to pieces because they could not tell him his dream. Daniel’s response, cool, calm and courageous, serves as the gold standard for faithful behavior in the face of tyranny.

Daniel and his companions were young men, barely more than teenagers, yet they stood tall and left a lasting witness of faithfulness for all the world and all time. This isn’t Sunday School and these are not Sunday School stories. These are men of faith, paragons of wisdom and courage in the face of tyranny. Oh, the things we can learn from them as we navigate these dark and wicked days!

Book of Daniel Study Resource Center

We have included some resources that will help you explore the Book of Daniel. Right Click on any image and select “Open In New Tab” to enlarge. This is especially helpful with the timelines. You can zoom in and scroll to explore the details.

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