What do Elon Musk and Donald Trump teach us about “looking for a Good Guy?” How should we evaluate the people constantly placed in front of us as “Leaders?” Finally, how do these two tie to, of all people, Vladimir Lenin?

How should we think about the state of our “Democracy?” Should we lose hope as we see yet another corrupted outcome? How should we as believers understand all this? 

This is coming fast: CBDC.s. No one is talking about this element of the great reset. All “currency” will be digital. That does not mean what you think it means. This is not a further enhancement of “online banking.” This is a tyrannical takeover of your finances. Your privacy will be crushed. We will all be living in a centralized financial prison. All Hail! CBDC’s!

This does not make any sense. The world’s economy and markets are on the verge of collapse and they implement policies that only exacerbate matters. Why? Because that is what they have intended to do all along!

We are subjected to a non-stop barrage of reporting on the war in Ukraine. Is it reliable? Is there an agenda driving the narrative? Is there any Honest Journalism On Ukraine?

What do Covid-19 Booster shots, the FDA and Transhumanism have to do with the Mark of the Beast? Tune in and find out!

From DISNEY (FX): The devil has a teenage daughter through ritual sex magic with a witch. His daughter? Well, she is the Antichrist, a female antichrist, nonetheless! How progressive. How far gone is a world that produces this evil brew as entertainment?

The latest Covid-19 Vaccine Booster is out! It is Safe and Effective. How do we know? They tested it on mice…MICE! No humans, just mice. And, even better, the manufacturers have NO LIABILITY whatsoever when this untested mRNA gene therapy reeks havoc on your health!

 Covid-19 Vaccinations are devastating birth rates and fertility. Studies and Data from around the world make that clear. If that is not bad enough, the drug companies and the FDA and CDC knew this would happen. This is a depopulation event.


Joe Biden presents his plan to forgive student loan debt. He is not buying votes. He is not concerned for the welfare of the people. He is conditioning the sheep. The World Economic forum advances the human-cyborg-transhumanism agenda (and the sound so nice and thoughtful!). Meanwhile, the markets are on the eve of destruction from an unexpected quarter.

Today we look again at the World Economic Forum. They think the world does not need most of you and, while you are still around, they want to control everything you see and hear. To show this is the way the elites have always thought about us peasants, we will talk about the CIA and Guatemala.

People are dying from “Unknown Causes” at a record pace. Life Insurance Companies are paying out a record number of death claims. Will a year-over-year look at the OpenVAERS Report shed any light on these anomalies?

In Alberta, Canada “Unknown Causes” is the number one cause of death. Do you smell vaccine cover up? The elites are after the farmers. It is all part of the “Sustainability” agenda. Finally, the housing market is about to crash and the good people at Blackstone are ready to step in and buy it all!

In today’s Daily Decode: The Fed is set to Crush the Economy and Crash the Markets; Fertilizer made into an Economic Explosive and, An In Depth Examination of the World Economic Forum and their ever so gracious plans for you.

In today’s Daily Decode: He is in the news constantly but, who is Elon Musk really? The Ginned Up War with no meat on the bone and, An insurmountable mountain of debt.

In today’s Daily Decode: Digital Currency is coming our way and most people have no idea what that really is; The Elites are trying to destroy the food chain; Google aids Trudeau in quashing dissent and Peering through the disinformation and propaganda about Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

In today’s Daily Decode: An admission at the highest level that Biden was bating Putin to invade Ukraine; Zelenskyy the instant Superstar (What?); Corporate shaming for those still doing business in Russia; a Downright Diesel Disaster that impacts us all.

In today’s Daily Decode: Anti-War Protests in RUSSIA; In the US, In Germany, the song remains the same – They ARE NOT sharing all the data about Covid and the Vaccines; For Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum Vaccine Passports are just the beginning. They intend to take a Social Credit Score to new levels of oppression and control.

In today’s Daily Decode: The Russian invasion of Ukraine leads us to contemplate the horrible thing that is war. What has history taught us? How does that help us understand current events?

In today’s Daily Decode: They will roll Covid-19 right into AIDS, British Data conclusively shows the Covid Vaccines decimate the human immune system, Biden does not want to let a good emergency die and, The Housing Bubble is going to explode with a bang so loud you could hear it on Mars.

In todays Daily Decode: Klaus Schwab runs a Mein Kampf Kindergarten for future tyrants, The CDC lies to get us to do the right thing and Bill Gates Promises yet Another Pandemic!

In todays Daily Decode: The FBI Director lies; Led by Canadian Truckers the people of Canada speak out for truth: Supply Chain calamity looms: FDA Allowed Pfizer to Exclude a huge portion of the general population from their Phase III Covid-19 Vaccine Studies: now Pfizer is using legal shenanigans to preclude real disclosure about their studies AND…Neil Young’s phony fight with Spotify and Joe Rogan.

Today we examine stories about Pfizer seeking approval of their Covid Vaccine for 6 month old babies; Dr. Mercola pointing to some interesting studies that show Acquired Immune Deficiency in the Vaccinated and, ZeroHedge talking about the coming Food Shortage.

The FDA wanted 57 YEARS to release this information. A Judge said, “No. Release it now.” What we discuss here is the document just released by Pfizer detailing the death, damage and injury they knew their mRNA Injection (“Covid-19 Vaccine”) caused in just 3 short months. The FDA knew the toll of the carnage and, they “approved” the vaccine anyway! If you watch this and read the document and not get angry, I will be surprised!

Every now and then we need to remind ourselves to take a look at the “Vaccine Issue” differently. We need to back away from the debate and struggle and strife and contemplate the Loss and Suffering.

Anthony Fauci had a pretty rough week. That is what the headlines might have led you to believe. But, did he really? How is it he gets away with the evil he perpetuates? In order to understand that we take a look at history and consider “Operation Paperclip,” Joseph Mengele and the labyrinth of evil that pervades our world. Oh yeah, we also take a look at the latest OpenVAERS Red Box Summary Report.

As long as Americans who participated in the January 6th Election Rally are held in Gulag conditions, There Is NO Freedom, There Are NO Liberties. That goes for them and so also, it goes for all of us! Today we cover a Letter from a Political Prisoner, held in a Washington DC Gulag since January 6th. What Is going on? What are you going to do about it?

OpenVAERS has released the latest numbers. We take a look at the Week over Week injuries and deaths with a special focus on the push to vaccinate the children. We also examine an example of how the FDA is a “Captured Agency.

These are NOT “Break Through Cases!” These “Vaccines” are doing exactly what they intended them to do. If we use their terminology, they get to control our thinking. They knew exactly how these Graphene Oxide laden, mRNA injections would work, the destruction they would cause.

Why are all the container ships Really sitting off the California Coast? There is something fishy going on, what is it? And, how exactly will this be used to drive the Covid Vaccine Mandate Narrative? An article from ZeroHedge sparks an interesting discussion.

OpenVAERS has released the weekly update for the Red Box Summary Report and so we dive into the numbers. We take a look at the week over week increases by category and focus on a particular case of loss.

All the other Big Pharma names have been cashing in on the Covid Cash Cow. Now, Merck wants their turn! Not only do they want in, they want indemnity against any damages caused. We discuss this as well as “FDA Regulatory Capture” and the Vaccine Court.

OpenVAERS has released the latest “Red Box Summary Report.” with Pfizer saying their Covid-19 Injection is safe for children aged 5 – 11, we highlight the Adverse Events with Children.

Poisoning, maiming and killing thousands around the world is not enough. Pfizer want to bring the carnage to the younger generation. We contemplate this insanity and take a look at the CDC’s own statistics. Is there justification for this madness?

They were, and still are, conducting “Research” which can only be conceived in the mind of Hell. “Skin Penetrating Nano Particles” to infect Bats? People? With Covid-19! MERS? Leaked Documents give us just a small glimpse into the evil machinations and musings of the forces of darkness both in Wuhan and, sadly, the United States!

OpenVAERS has presented the updated numbers of “Adverse Events” from Covid Vaccines through September 24, 2021. What do we think? We need to look beyond the “numbers.”

Senator Diane Feinstein crawled out into the daylight long enough to submit a bill to the Senate that would require a Covid-19 Vaccination to fly domestically. Dr. Joseph Mercola points out that the powers that be have long known the dangers of Covid-19 Spike Proteins and yet, they still force mRNA injections that…Produce Spike Proteins! All of this leads us to consider Tyranny, Totalitarianism and how it must be Resisted.

Pfizer is rapidly working to roll out their own Ivermectin – one they can profit from! How did I not see this coming. We analyze how this fits a pattern of behavior as old and pharmaceutical industry of patent medicine. Thank you, Rockefeller Foundation!

The VAERS Data on the horrific damage done by the COVID-19 Vaccines is powerful. That must be why the CDC is trying to water the data down and take away some of the sting. Exactly how? Tune in and find out.

The Defender tells us that Tech Companies racked in $44 BILLION dollars in profit from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. That is not weapons manufacturers or infrastructure companies but, Big Tech: Amazon, Google, Microsoft and the like. The worst part of it all? Just like WWI General Smedley Butler taught us so long ago, “War Is A Racket.” Apparently, It still is!

70% of those dying from the Delta Variant are VACCINATED! That is straight from the latest report from Public Health England. How inclined do you feel now about getting vaccinated? Plus…They are realizing they have pushed as far as they can. What will they do now? And…What is the latest in the Open VAERS Reb Box Report?

President Biden’s “patience is wearing thin” and I DON”T CARE! In today’s Video we ask important questions like, Why do you have to force healthcare professionals to take this shot? Why is Australia powerless in the face of tyranny? How is financial tyranny being employed to coerce people to get vaccinated? Why should the FDA Trust Pfizer to test their own vaccines?

Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine has received approval by the FDA and they tell us it was extensively and thoroughly tested. It wasn’t? Then it must have been “somewhat” tested? No? Was it tested AT ALL? The answer to that will surprise you! In today’s video you will find out how badly the FDA dropped the ball.

Mask mandates…Masks a protection against Covid…Kids with masks in school…What are we to think? We evaluate an article from the New England Journal of Medicine (I think I have heard of them before…) an extensive Danish Study and then we take a look at what the CDC presents as “SCIENCE” on the topic. I will give you three guesses as to how this is going to come out!

Pfizer has reaped in huge profits and expects only more of the same in the future. Covid-19 Vaccines are HUGE business so, if thousands die on their way to the bank, so be it. What is more YOU have indemnified them through the PREP Act. That’s right, your Congress has said YOU will pay the bill for any damages. The Pharmaceutical companies get off Scott Free!

The story they publish is not just the story, it is what they are DOING with the story, the AGENDA they are ADVANCING with the story. It is the sly and evil tactic of Incrementalism and we need to be on the look out for it.

They are using Kids and Fear to push the Covid Vaccine Agenda. Rev210 joins me, Matthias76, and together we cover a multitude of related topics. We have provided timestamps so you can choose the topics you like or, go back to a topic to get more detail.

We take a look at the history of the “Elite” and see a predilection for death and depopulation. What we see going on with the Covid-19 Vaccines and all the fear mongering falls right in line. Make no mistake. This is intentional and they aim to depopulate the earth in a big way. We also examine a story from CNN (Argh) and tie that in with Dr. Luc Montagnier’s predictions about Covid Vaccines.

Our good and reliable friends at NASA are out with more useful “Information,” read, “Propaganda!” What might they do today to promote the cause of a One World Order and Agenda 21/Agenda 2030? How might they serve the Hegelian STATE? Let’s Decode the Headlines to find out.

As Covid Madness continues we are hit with wave after wave of information. It is important to take news from today and plug it into the big picture. We need to connect the dots from vaccines to the Georgia Guidestones to Bill Gates . If we do not connect those dots then we will be carried along by the flood of data. We will not be able to see clearly and Decode the Deception!

The deaths continue to add up. We take a look at some key data points to help get your mind around this agenda of death.

  1.  Moderna, the NIH and the University of North Carolina had vaccines before the disease. How does that work?

  2. The numbers of deaths are far higher than even the VAERS numbers say.

  3. Spike protein shedding is a danger to us all.

  4. The CDC is blatantly lying about the rate of miscarriages for the vaccines.

The Insanity continues. Covid-19 Lockdowns were not enough. Now the elites who rule this world are talking about “Climate Lockdowns.” Join us as we go deep and talk about the issues that drive the headline.

Today we dig into a disturbing headline from the Gateway Pundit: “Department of Veterans Affairs to Pay for Sex Changes… While Over 35,000 Veterans Remain Homeless.” On the surface this is distressing enough but, let’s Decode the Headline and see what all is at play here.

Science, Logic and Reason matter not. All need to be vaccinated. All WILL be vaccinated. What is behind this assault on reason and decency? Is it just about money? Let’s dig deep and see.

We examine two different COVID Vaccination related stories. The first is about legal proceedings alleging that he Vaccines are a crime against humanity in violation of the Nuremberg Code. The second is an interview with renowned Physician and Microbiologist Dr. Bhakdi where he warns of the extreme damage these vaccines are doing.

As Covid-19 Mania should be dying down, we find that it is instead ramping up. Now they want you to volunteer your children for Covid-19 Vaccine Experimentation. Heinous and atrocious don’t begin to describe this.

While reputable scientists warn of the dangers posed by the Covid Vaccines and the deaths mount, Bill Gates and a cast of thousands cheer and cajole us to obedient submission to their wishes. Why?

We examine what “games” they were playing with our minds during the Super Bowl.

Television preachers, False Doctrine and the downward cycle of apostasy are examined.

Are the politicians in Washington trying to burn our world to the ground? Is that what they are really trying to do? The answer might surprise you!

Flu Shot Idiocy at the Golden Globes and A Measles Outbreak. What are we to think about Vaccines?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is everywhere. What has she done to merit such attention?

42 Million Abortions were performed world wide in 2018. How do we even respond to that news?

Who is this guy? What is he up to?

The Fed Just raised rates. What is the Federal Reserve and what are they up to.

Are the powers that be burying a HUGE story? Is Judge Napolitano Correct? Is Trump in Trouble?

Stranger Things? Follow along as we show the connection Stranger Things shares with MK Ultra Dogs and…NAZIS!!!

Is Google in cahoots with China? Will we learn anything today? What is the real story?

China is rounding up Christians. Is this just something that happens “over there” or, should we be concerned?


Macron has France burning and Ocasio-Cortez is talking crazy in the US. What do the two have in common?

A “Discovery” about Dark Matter at Oxford and a Pending Market Crash are considered.

President George H. W. Bush’s Funeral and News on Jeffrey Epstein are considered.

Ocasio-Cortez talks Crazy and the Market Acts Scary

New MK Ultra Documents have been released. Did we learn anything new?

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