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This is NOT a Chess Tutorial. Rather, it is a tutorial on gaining insight into how the powers of darkness operate in our present day and how that relates to what we colloquially refer to as “Conspiracy Theories.” Is there an intersections of the two? Who are these agents of darkness, from whence do they hail and how are they involved in the downward moral, ethical and political spiral that is our present day?

They knew it worked so the smeared, obfuscated and colluded to squash it. This Book Is Blowing My Mind! Robert Kennedy, Jr lays bare all the evil machinations of Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates as only a seasoned trial lawyer can. His case is thoroughly documented and totally damning. In this episode we zero in on Kennedy’s presentation of “Big Pharma’s War On Hydrochloroquine.” I am certain it will whet your appetite to dig in for yourself.

Today is Pearl Harbor Day. I offer here a historical and realistic perspective that I believe allows us to learn to ways of the evil masters of this world. They operate and control through deceit. Nothing has changed. It is my hope that as we see the patterns of their behavior, we will be better prepared to see through the lies and deception that are yet to come.

GRAPHENE OXIDE. It IS in the Covid-19 “Vaccines.” Where do you find real, scientific data about its dangers? Right here. We dug and scoured the internet to find comprehensive studies on the toxicity and dangers Graphene Oxide poses. You don’t want to miss this! Even more, you are going to want to share it with your friends. People Need To Know!

I was trying to do serious work. I WAS doing serious work. I can’t help it that Amazon led me on a creative lark that resulted in a Meme Book Cover for a new Children’s Book. (Not really) I was trying to do a video on Dr. Mercola’s Excellent book: “The Truth About Covid-19: Exposing The Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and the New Normal.” I did succeed. It just got a little weird.

This is a huge issue for so many. Employers, both large and small, are rolling out Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccine Requirements. Philosophical, political and scientific objections will get you no where. Might you claim a Faith-Based Exemption? If so, what would you say? What Bible-based, Christian objections could you list? We have thought it through and come up with the answers. Even more, we have posted a possible written response you are free to use.



What is TRUTH? Who decides? What power does that discretion afford “Them?” How does that power, held by “Them” and not us, shape our world? Finally, what steps ought we take to equip ourselves to see through the lies?

How will our Freedom be impacted by the reaction to the Novel Corona Virus? What light does the track record of the reaction to past “Crises” shine on what we might expect?

At Decoding The Deception I am not afraid to talk about the evil that is at work in our world from a Biblical perspective. Please join me on this journey of Discovery.

They are watching. They are always watching. Should we be concerned? You bet we should!

She has gone from homegrown good girl to trashy trollop of the Illuminati. What can we learn from here very public moral decline? Is there a larger agenda at play? 

What is the real story behind the California Wildfires? What is the story behind the story? We Decode the Deception that is at play.

They have weaponized the term “Conspiracy Theory.” They did that to keep you from thinking, even taking a peek at what they do in the darkness.

What are those streaks in the sky? Why doesn’t anyone talk about them? Might they be impacting my health? Why do the blatantly lie and call the “Contrails?”

What is the purpose of this Great Migrant March? Is it all deception and subterfuge?

It is election time and we pause to contemplate the whole process. Is it all a sham?

With Cohen’s conviction and Pelosi again coming to power in the House there seems to be trouble brewing for President Trump on the Horizon. How does a potential Third Temple in Jerusalem factor in? What??

Robert Sinnett’s work , Day of Deceit” played a key role in waking me up to the world of illusion – the Matrix, if you will – in which we live. All warfare throughout the last century has been manufactured to produce a desired outcome, advance an agenda and centralize power. This takes nothing away from the heroism of those who served, sacrificed and died. Nothing can. It does change our understanding as to why.

Is there something suspicious going on in the aftermath of the California fires? Are bad actors taking advantage of the misery of others?

There has been no shortage of loss and misery. What are the final takeaways?

While most of us enjoy the holiday with family and friends, others are not so fortunate.

The media is doing fluff pieces that ignore the most important data. We go deep to learn what we can and share it with you.

There is a wealth of information. Unfortunately the most important data has been labeled “Conspiracy Theory.” Well, we are used to that!

Today we take a look at the Christmas Season, its meaning, significance and how to make sure we do not have our Christmas turned Upside Down!

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