Our Decoding Concept

If you do not understand what is underneath, you cannot rightly understand what is on the top. This hold true for anthills and it holds true for our world. On the surface we see corruption. Those who are entrusted with governing build their own empire. In that pursuit they crush and consume whatever is in their path. They scurry about in what would appear to be random paths, hurrying from here to there and not really accomplishing anything other than chaos. But appearances can be deceiving. There is a plan. There is also much more beneath the surface.    

A labyrinth of evil lurks under the surface. Organizations with upstanding names and outwardly honorable goals are, in reality, interlocking arms of an evil empire that has robbed us of our resources, our freedom and our joy. Under the guise of promoting “World Peace” and “Prosperity for All” they have enslaved us with debt and, so doing,  robbed us of the fruits of our labors. Still, this financial tyranny is but a step to their ultimate goal: The Spiritual Subjugation of all mankind under their dark lord: Satan.    

Aluminum Cast of the Inside of an Ant Hill

The Illuminati are above all else, a spiritual organization. They worship Lucifer. Their media glorifies him. Their music promotes him. Their plots and schemes serve him and advance his agenda. He is the one at the center of the dark web they weave.

If you do not begin with that understanding, you will stare at the ant hill all day and never understand it. If you do not understand what is hidden beneath the surface you will never comprehend what is going in right before your eyes.

The struggle in which we are presently engaged is spiritual. Satan is raging and warring against Christ and his Church seeking to destroy it. That is what the chaos, madness and destruction we see are all about. Satan and the rest of the lords of hell are seeking to destroy Christ’s Church.  If you do not understand that then you cannot rightly perceive the events that unfold right before your eyes. You cannot connect the dots. If you do understand the spiritual network of evil – how it works and what it hopes to achieve – then you are better prepared to serve the Lord in these latter days.

So, along with our Bible Videos, we present videos that apply this understanding to the events that transpire around us. We take a faith-based, Bible-centric approach that allows us to Decode the Deception. We shine the light of truth into the places where the evil things scurry. They would hide. We reveal them.

In our Decoding Videos we shine the light of truth on a troubling topic and take a deep look at what actually lies behind the scenes. What are the causes and connections?

There is a daily barrage of disinformation that masquerades as news. The media are but the professional propagandists in the employ of the New World Order Elites. They spread disinformation. In order to decipher what they write, we produce Decoding the Headlines.

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