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Cyrus Scofield And His “Reference Bible” – An Excerpt from James Perloff’s “Truth Is A Lonely Warrior” (pages. 299-300)

NOTE from Matthias76: I print this excerpt for purposes of education. I highly recommend that you purchase and read this book. You can learn more on our “Recommended Reading” page.



A major impact on views of the Millennium was exerted by the Scofield reference Bible. Though it is one of the most influential bibles ever published, few Christians know the authors background. Cyrus Scofield was involved in numerous confidence games, swindled his mother-in-law out of $1300, and did jail time for forgery. Even after his reported conversion to Christ — and very rapid ordination as a Dallas minister — his wife divorced him for abandonment of her and their two daughters. Scofield traveled to New York, where he was made a member of the exclusive Lotus club dash an unusual affiliation for an evangelical minister. At the Lotos club he met Samuel Untermeyer, an establishment insider and one of the country’s most powerful Zionists. Untermeyer introduced him in turn to Jacob Schiff, Bernard Baruch, and the bankers at Kuhn, Loeb[1]. They financed his trips to England, where Oxford University Press agreed in advance to publish his proposed reference Bible — even though Scofield had never written a book in his life. He spent months working on the tome in Switzerland — an unlikely place to research a Bible commentary, but long the cartel center of Masonic, banking and revolutionary activity. (Protecting this center is why Switzerland has always maintained neutrality in wars.) Possibly much of Scofield’s book was written, or at least suggested, by others.


[1] Key bankers from a key bank that played major roles in the founding of the Federal Reserve. READ: The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin. Learn more about “The Creature from Jekyll Island” on our Recommended Reading page.


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