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What do we see when we look at the Flood? Do we see judgement and punishment? Or, do we see Salvation and the preservation of God’s plan to save the lost?

It is the foundation of everything theological, cosmological, philosophical and metaphysical. So, we want to hear what it has to say to us about who are God is, the origin of our universe and who we are. It all begins right here.

Genesis Playlist.


Cosmological Worldview of the Old Testament: the Nephilim

Flood Geology

What the Bible tells us about Noah’s Flood is enough. It was worldwide and it was catastrophic. Contrary to what modern “science” teaches, the geological record preserves for us the mighty reshaping of the world that resulted from the flood.

These videos from Christian Movies are an excellent presentation of that data. I found them to be fascinating and highly recommend them.


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