Our Knowledge Bases

There is no shortage of information. The challenge is finding it. Even in our information age, finding reliable information is often a problem. Even when you know what you are looking for, locating it can prove problematic. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a place you could go to find things that help you in your research? Fulfilling that need is why we have prepared our Resource Knowledge Bases.

When I started doing research into all that is considered “conspiracy” I was able to find a treasure trove of information on YouTube. When I launched Decoding The Deception I started downloading the videos I found helpful. Yes, there was some wacky stuff but, even the wacky can contain snippets of useful information. As I started to set up this website I found that out of the 250 videos I had saved, over 100 were no longer available on YouTube. Multiple YouTube purges had erased many videos and man channels altogether. It turns out that Free Speech is not so Free!   

Even worse, over 50 of the videos could not be found any where – BitChute…Brighteon… No Where! I am glad that my instincts told me to download those videos. They are not back up on BitChute.

What you will find in our Video Knowledge Base is a selection of over 250 videos, carefully organized by topic and fully searchable using Keywords. As we find additional resources they will be added to the collection.


Do you want to learn about Operation Paperclip? Our Video Knowledge Base contains videos on that.


Do you want to learn about False Flags? Search and Click and Watch.

Often there are resources I reference in my videos, PDF’s that you would do well to read. Some of these are professional works, others are government resources or papers produced by think tanks or individuals. Rather than encouraging you to do a Google Search, we have collected those works and organized them into a searchable knowledge base right here on our website. As with our Video Knowledge Base, this collection will grow over time. 


So Pick a Knowledge Base and start your research!

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