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Called together by the deceptive spirits of an evil trilogy, the forces of darkness are prepared for battle. What transpires at that place called “Armageddon?” What will the outcome be? What should we expect? Today we find out!

Our Revelation Video Playlist

Revelation is about more than “the end of the world.” Properly understood, Revelation is about the working of God in history for the sake of his Church. The theme?


Jesus Always Wins!


The lords of hell will work their schemes and wreak what chaos they can.  The outcome will not change! Learn all about it in our Book of Revelation Playlist.

Revelation Study Resources

The Book of Revelation presents unique challenges in Biblical interpretation.


Below are two videos that we think are helpful in working through those challenges and coming to a correct understanding of this wonderful and important book.


Also included for ready reference are graphics from these videos.

The figurative language used in Revelation presents the modern reader with many challenges. If you do not understand the authors intent as well as the cultural framework in which this figurative language is used, things can get very confusing. The same can be said for the use of numbers. We will dive into both with and emphasis on letting the text do the talking and, at the same time, avoiding theological flights of fancy

Numbers In Revelation

There are some “big picture” concepts that help us to understand the Book of Revelation. We set the major ideas forth in this video.

Helpful Graphics

Scripture frequently connects various events, terms and language with the end times. This graphic helps illustrate this.

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