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Our Most Recent Revelation Video

A close examination of the Beast From The Sea shows it for what it really is: Civil Government perverted and weaponized to take the fight to believers. Questions we contemplate:

We encourage you to jump in start the journey.

It is suggested that you check out these videos first. They cover some principles that are essential for properly interpreting Revelation.

They ride through history – The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. What do we need to understand about them and the role they play?

Why are there “Souls under the Altar” in Heaven? Who are they?

The end comes as the Sixth Seal opens! What does that mean for this World? It is the Day of God’s Wrath!

In the midst of the troubles and persecution of this life, we have the assurance that as believers we bear the Seal of the Living God!

Today we take a journey through Revelation 7:9-17. Who can stand in the day of judgement? We can!

As we transition to the Seven Trumpets and anticipate what will be revealed, the Lord draws John’s attention to “the Prayers of the Saints.”

What is going on in the world with unprecedented weather, fires and more? How does it tie in with the prophetic message of the Book of Revelation? Listen and find out!

The Abyss is opened…What will come out? What does it mean for us as believers? What does it mean for the unbelieving world? Join our Deep Dive and find out!

Smoke pours from the Abyss. From the Smoke come Locusts? What are these strange beasts and what do they signify? How can we escape the misery they bring?

The Sixth Trumpet sounds, the four angels are released and out rides an army of 200 Million! Who will suffer? At whom is the “woe” directed?

Today we contemplate war as a judgement – a spiritual judgement – from God? Is the judgement directed toward unbeliever and believer alike?

A Mighty Angel gives an interlude. Can we decipher who this Mighty Angel might be? And, if so, does his identity add to the message? I think we can and I think it does!

Seven Mysterious Thunders sound and John is told not to write down what he heard. Why? He is instructed to eat a little scroll that tastes sweet but, makes him sick. What does all this mean? What is the significance for us today?

As we turn to “the two witnesses” we contemplate what the Temple of God is and why the Gentiles are allowed to trample the outer courts. Interesting stuff!

Nothing in this world is as it appears. As the end of days draws near it will appear that the Church has been defeated. It will be hard to believe that it is not so. Jesus graciously warns us in advance so we will not loose heart! Nothing in this world is as it appears. Nothing. Ever.

What is a blessing for the saints is damnation for unbelievers. We have commented on that often but never has it been more clearly set forth that in today’s lesson. The blowing of the Seventh Trumpet reveals this and more.

On the last day the twenty four elders sing their song of praise. In doing so they teach us a great deal about Jesus’ final victory. Remember, his victory is our victory! The blowing of the Seventh Trumpet reveals this and more.

The “Great Sign” that appears in heaven teaches us a great deal about the history of the faith, the attacks of the “Dragon” and, there is an added bonus. We find out exactly when Jesus was born!

The Dragon – Satan – intends to devour the Christ Child. God had other things in mind. The Dragon seeks to devour the Woman – The Church. Again, God says that is going to play out differently.

Satan did his best to thwart Christ’s mission and ministry. He failed. Jesus rose victorious and ascended on high. It was inevitable that there would be consequences in the Heavenly Realm. War takes place and Satan and his angels are cast down by Michael. There is just all kinds of really good stuff to go over!

Cast down from heaven, Satan sets his sight on destroying the Woman: The Church! What does that mean? Are we able to see that play out in the history of the New Testament Church? What about turning on the dragon “making war on the rest of her offspring?” Does that mean…Me? There is only one way to find out so, buckle up!

A close examination of the Beast From The Sea shows it for what it really is: Civil Government perverted and weaponized to take the fight to believers.

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